Frequently Asked Questions

1. General is a web subscription service that provides IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge race teams with a set of clear, insightful, and timely post-session reports to help with decision making.

For some, it may reduce or eliminate the need for Excel altogether, since P1Analysis performs all the data filtering, manipulation, formatting, and charting and simply gives you the final reports.

Each report is either a PDF or a webpage that prints well on 8.5" x 11" paper. They are accessed through your web browser from the website.

P1Analysis Reports allow you to see comparisons of key session data. This allows you to quickly and easily study and compare past performance.

Study and collect these reports into your team's playbook. Quickly see your team's as well as other team's past performance and strategies!

Each of the the various report types in 2.1 provides insights into various performance aspects.

After you subscribe, each race weekend the following happens:

  1. After each practice session, qualifying, or race, P1Analysis processes the raw data and creates reports for you under your website login.
  2. You receive an email stating your reports are ready.
  3. Anyone on your team logs into the website with a laptop, tablet, or phone to view or print the reports.

That's it! No need to wait or your data engineer (because you know he's busy with his laptop on top of the car) to download IMSA's CSV files and twist them around in Excel.

While real-time software like our P1TS is essential for race strategy, having P1Analysis Reports knowledge at your disposal gives you an additional decision making edge. It allows you to easily print out and study the reports at your convenience, whether it's back at the trailer, at the hotel, on a plane, or when you get home.

Since this is a web subscription service, there is no software to install. Just use your laptop's, tablet's, or phone's web browser and email.

P1Analysis Reports are of course useful during your normal post-session debrief meetings. Collect the historical reports (paid subscribers also get last year's races) in a binder to create a playbook for study both on and off the track.

If you carefully study you'll generally notice a few things:

  • Many of IMSA's reports are "data dumps" - rows and rows of data. This is what is easy for their software to spit out. P1Analysis makes use of dataviz making it easy for you to see correlations, differences, and trends.
  • IMSA data isn't targeted at teams. P1Analysis not only presents the information it creates in a team-friendlly view, it also takes a driver point of view (see hero-centric below).

The Trial Signup allows your team to get reports for up to 2 hero cars for the 2017 Daytona races with no obligation to subscribe.

We want you to feel comfortable with P1Analysis before buying a subscription.

2. Reports

P1Analysis currently consists of the following types of reports, produced for the listed sessions.
Report Type Answers these questions ... Sessions
Session Summary How did your car do in your class? R, P, Q
Race Lapchart How did the ranks of the cars change from lap to lap during the race? R
Race Gaps to Hero How did the time gaps between you and other cars change during the race? R
Lap Time Trends How did every car’s lap times change throughout the race? R
Lap Time Box Plots How consistent and what was the range of lap times for each driver? R, P, Q
Sector Gaps to Hero How much slower or faster than you were the other drivers sector by sector? Also within the hero's make? R, P, Q
Pits and Stints What pit and driver change strategies did each car use? R, P, Q
Pit Lane Times How much slower was your pit service? R

See P1Analysis Study - 2016 Rolex GTLM Corvette Racing #4 for a detailed explanation of the reports and how they can be used.

P1Analysis Reports uses post-session raw timing and scoring data from and to produce its reports. Since only the raw data is used, these reports cannot take into account any penalties or other human changes that may affect a report.

Most software and analyses represent data in a team-agnostic point of view which. Much of the time though, you'd like your data relative to your hero car and drivers. P1 software takes a hero-centric point of view - the data should revolve around your heroes. Thus data deltas and such are relative to your car or drivers, making it easier for you to quickly grok.

See Sector Gaps to Hero as an example, showing where other drivers are faster or slower relative to the hero.

For a full yearly subscription, you will get P1Analysis Reports for:
  • All 2017 events (as their data files become available)
  • All 2016 races (for studying past histories)

Please refer to the Subscribe page for details.

P1Analysis monitors for new data files. Once automatically detected, custom reports are then generated and you will be notified via email.

Emails with Report links will be sent to all subscribers in your team's account. There are quite a few reports, so only links to your web account are sent so as not to unnecessarily over burden any cellular data plans.

Currently only one Contact email address is allowed, but upcoming updates will allow teams to list multiple subscriber email addresses from their team.

Imagine if you had access to everyone's pit strategy, lap time comparisons, etc. from last year. If you collect all these reports, they begin to form the basis of playbook.

3. Subscriptions

All subscriptions, paid or free, are handled through the Subscribe page.

Subscription information and pricing is detailed in the Subscribe page.

P1TS customers get a loyalty discount.

The Subscribe page handles credit, debit card, or PayPal payments securely through the PayPal website. After you place your order, you will get a receipt from PayPal for your order with GarageLabs, LLC listed as the seller.

In person payments may be handled with a Square reader.

4. Miscellaneous

GarageLabs, LLC is my company.

P1Software is its venture focusing on software, dataviz, and datascience for motorsports.

  • P1TS is a real-time software race strategy system used by winning IMSA race teams since late 2014.
  • is a web subscription service since early 2016.